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Electrical Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Service

14.01.2021 23:24

Electrical Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Service

Electrical lighting repair will allow the customer to optimize energy costs by automating the process of switching on/off (automatic controllers) of lighting equipment, motion sensors, and light switches. These devices will help to achieve drastic electricity savings by keeping the lights on only when a person really needs them, rather than burning them up around the clock.

Lighting retrofits

Quite often, the upgrade of lighting equipment looks preferable to repair it. This especially concern with long-life objects, where electrical equipment was installed decades ago and is now not only obsolete but also has exhausted its resource. Repair of this equipment is economically inexpedient. It must be replaced. By modernization, we mean the increase of quantitative and qualitative parameters of lighting equipment, engineering systems, structures, and technical devices at the customer's site. Ravno as well as bringing the performance of the property to a completely new level.

We can help you:

  • automate lighting equipment management;
  • optimize the number of staff;
  • forget about regular repairs of lighting equipment and emergency response;
  • provide electrical services greeley co.

Typical examples of modernization of lighting equipment are the replacement of incandescent/luminescent lamps with LED lamps and the replacement of timer switches with astrological timers. Specialists of our company go to the customer's facility at a convenient time for him to inspect the lighting system of the facility to be repaired or upgraded. Based on the results of the survey, you will receive comprehensive advice from a specialist on the timing and cost of work that you will be recommended. In every particular case depending on the specifics of lighting system arrangement at the customer's site, we recommend the most suitable equipment from different manufacturers. The priority of the company - the individual needs and capabilities of the customer. After examination of the Customer's facility, we prepare a solution that suits him. We carry out: repair of lighting in parking lots, sports grounds, gardens and parks, stadiums, and other large areas. We also have a residential electrician greeley co on our staff. Our specialists have extensive experience in carrying out installation and commissioning works in the field of lighting equipment installation. They are equally well versed in modern technology and have modern tools. By contacting us for industrial electrical services, you can be sure that the work will be done on time and at the proper level.

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